Vintage Americana is my thing… I’m guessing it’s yours too! 

Since I was young Vintage hats have always been my favorite fashion accessory. Unfortunately Vintage hats are harder than ever to find, with mint condition examples selling for $150-$200. My process is simple, pick a patch, pick a hat, jacket or accessory, and I’ll put them together! I source my patches from all over. Online auctions, thrift stores, pawn shops, antique malls, and rummage sales all over the US. I personally sew on each and every patch! My passion and pride is sewed into every stitch! Let’s find the perfect hat for you! 

Custom Work?

Looking for something but don't see it in the store? I have contacts all over the country that help me find the patches! Contact me and we can build the perfect piece!

Newest Arrivals & Recent Work